The closest airport is in Osorno called Cañal Bajo. From here, vehicles can be rented or a taxi can be taken to the Osorno terminal and then take a bus to Lago Ranco. They leave regularly every day up until 8pm.

The other option is Valdivia, the Pichoy Airport has transfer services and taxis to Valdivia, from which buses leave on a regular basis to Lago Ranco or to Rio Bueno where one will have to transfer to take a bus to Lago Ranco. The last bus leaves around 5pm.


  • The bus services to the commune of Lago Ranco are done from Santiago, Valdivia, Osorno, Rio Bueno, Futrono, Llifen.
  • In Lago Ranco the companies TurBus and InterSur work, which have a ticket sales office and bus stop, located at 100 Temuco St. These have daily departures to Santiago, Valdivia and Temuco, on normal and elite coaches. These companies do not travel to the south, from Lago Ranco. They also offer a service for packages and money transfers.
  • In Lago Ranco it is also possible to find a local bus, bus stop, where minibuses coming from Rio Bueno, Osorno and Futrono arrive. The departures of buses to and from Rio Bueno start from 07:30 am to 09:00 pm during high season and in low season from 08:00 am to 07:00pm every 30 minutes approximately.
  • Among the routes that are done within the commune, there are daily departures to Pitriuco, Riñinahue – Calcurrupe Bajo, Lago Ranco – Pocura, Lago Ranco – Arenal – Ensenada – Illahuape. There are also minibus companies from the commune of Futrono that make daily trips to Calcurrupe Bajo, Llifén – Calcurrupe – Arenal.

By Car

Main Access Points

  • It is possible to reach the commune through the Route 5 South at km 889 approximately, in the crossroads of Los Tambores, through Rio Bueno, taking the main route T-85, which connects this place with the town of Lago Ranco along a completely paved road.
  • From the North, the main access is the Reumen to Futrono road, entering the commune through Calcurrupe. One can also enter the Lago Ranco from the Futrono to Coique road, crossing on the Puerto Lapi Ferry. It has sections on gravel roads.
  • One can also enter the commune from the South, specifically on the road that joins the town of Entre Lagos and the sectors of Crucero and Vivanco, to finally reach the T-85, at the Vivanco intersections. It is a gravel road.