Colonization of the 19th Century

Croquis del Lago Ranco, Provincia de Valdivia, 1830

At the middle and end of 1800 a process of immigration began, which mainly took place in the Lago Ranco Valleys and mountainous area. Among these pioneers were the Duhalde, Machmar and Retting families.


In 1845, the second colonization began, one of the most influential of the Province of Valdivia, with the arrival of the first German immigrants to the port of Corral on board the Bergantin Catalina.

At the end of the 19th Century, the first families set up on the east side of the lake, today known as Hueimen and Ignao. The possibility of exploiting the native forest due to its evident wealth attracted the first families of German colonists, which later meant the beginning of Lago Ranco as such.